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How can Effective Ergonomics LLC help you make your workplace a safe and healthy environment?

woman at desk using laptop computerA well planned and implemented ergonomic program improves employee health, well being and morale, which translates to fewer and less severe ergonomic work-related injuries, and a more stable work force with greater stamina. This provides for the employer a more efficient work flow resulting in greater productivity.

The staff of Effective Ergonomics can provide you the following services that can allow you to experience these outcomes.

  • Onsite ergonomic evaluations for one or more employees
  • Onsite individual or group ergonomic training sessions
  • General department or building-wide evaluation for, and suggestions to address ergonomic risk factors
  • Consult on anticipated equipment or furniture purchases, projects or changes
  • Assist with obtaining ergonomic computer hardware, assistive devices, furniture, etc.
  • Case consultations for individuals with a work-related or non-occupational disability or other medical condition with potential to perform job tasks successfully with a reasonable accommodation. Intervention while at work may allow the worker to remain at work. If out of work, evaluation and change in the work situation may allow an earlier or more successful return to work.
  • Provide electronic and telephonic ergonomic support

We will work with you to design a service specifically to meet your needs.

Ergonomics is not only the right thing to do for yourself and/or your employees, it will translate into ongoing and long term benefits to protecting company assets and enhancing productivity.

Ergonomics For Young People

two kids playing with computer tabletChildren are being introduced to the computer at a much younger age and it is fast becoming a primary tool in the curriculum. The need for ergonomic education and intervention as young as elementary school age is essential to be sure the next generations develop good habits and techniques that they can use and carry through their school years. These ergonomic principles may help them to approach their adult working years free of the discomfort related to years of poor mechanics and techniques.

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